iGreely 10 Gauge Wire Tinned Copper Tray Cable – Connect Charge Controller and Battery for Solar Panel RV Automotive Marine Boat (5FT/10FT)


  • The iGreely 10 gauge wire can be used for solar panels, DC circuits, Boat, Marine, Automotive, RV and inverter wiring.
  • PV Wire – PV Jacket insulation is thick and sturdy, coated well, durable and very flexible, UV Resistant.
  • Wide temperature range: -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C), rated voltage is 600V, resistant to acid, alkali, oil and strong oxidation. Chemical, flame, aging, weather resistant and electrically insulating.
  • Heat-shrink tubing insulates wires and one end crimped with 3/8 inch battery terminals, coming with a pair of 5/16 battery terminals can be easily DIY with tools.
  • Positive and negative cables to connect the charge controller to the battery, also can be used as solar wires with tools to cut and crimp with new connectors.