Necessary DIY Solar Tools

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve come up with a comprehensive tool list you’ll need to begin diving into your own solar DIY project. You might already have many of these tools in your toolbox, garage, or junk drawer, but there are a few specialized ones that can really help make things go smoothly for the first time DIYer. One of the great things about installing your own solar system is that you will know it well, and should something go wrong, you’ll have the tools as well as the skills to fix it. We firmly believe that anyone with the inclination and desire to DIY can do it.

Wire Cutters / Stripper
This simple hand tool combines the ability to easily cut wires of various sizes with the ability to strip away the plastic insulation coating surrounding the wire. The notches in the “teeth” of the tool are set for a specific gauge of wire. This allows the tool to cut through the plastic without cutting through the wire itself. With the wire exposed, it can make a good connection to complete the circuit.

Side Cut Wire Cutters
This plier-looking tool has just one job, cutting wire. It can be a helpful tool to have when making numerous cuts or when cutting slightly larger gauge wires as it has a more robust cutting surface than most combo cutter/stripper hand tools.

Solar Connector Assembly Tools
This is a hard plastic hand tool that is very handy for the assembly of custom solar connections (MC-4 Connectors), making it easier for new and veteran users to quickly and easily tighten and take apart the connectors. You will need two of these to tighten. While pliers can accomplish this task, the robust plastic material works better with the material of the connectors, and doesn’t scratch or damage the way metal pliers often can.

Combination Wrench Set / Crescent Wrench (Adjustable)
A Combination Wrench has one open end and one closed end that is set for a specific size of nut or bolt. These come in both metric (millimeters) and imperial (inches) sets. These wrenches are very helpful when you know the size of your nut or bolt as they are less likely to strip (or round out) the nut. Another option is a Crescent Wrench which is adjustable to many different size nuts. Having both of these wrench options is very helpful.

Solar Metal Spanner Wrench
Solar connector assembly tool for both the assembly and disassembly of wires connectors.
For quickly locking and unlocking the solar panel connectors.
Light,easy to carry and store.
Professional solar MC4 connector tool, make it handy and easier to assembly and disconnect the Solar Connectors.

Utility Blade
A sharp blade is always handy to have for cutting electrical tape, shaving back some plastic insulation, opening stubborn packages, and more.

Measuring Tape
To measure long wire runs, you’ll need a small measuring tape (up to 25’ will usually do the trick).

Voltage Meter / Multimeter
Doing any kind of electrical work means that you’ll need to test or troubleshoot as you go along. Having a small and easy to use Voltage Meter or Multimeter gives you the necessary information to complete the task.


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